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Our Story:

We are a group of people who met on the many Australian Facebook groups, such as the "Australian Creepy Crawly Club" and "Australian Invertebrate Keepers Forum". We have seen people asking many questions about all sorts of Invertebrates, often times you would think that a quick google search should sort it. But nope, this is Australia, and a group of us, including a Ku-ring-gai ranger, a Snake Relocator and a handful of ordinary hobbyists pulled our heads in to provide you all with the most accurate and up to dated information we can, whether its from hours of research or good old experience.

What We Do:

We aim to bring all of the information you need into one place! From basic information on specific species to the best housing methods/requirements, tutorials on farms/cultures and more!

Our Services:

We offer forums for you to discuss certain topics we may have missed out on, a list of people from the community who stock all sorts of invertebrates/supplies for you to purchase, a list of invertebrate related tutorials such as propagating you own moss for your special little mates and the most TRUE BLUE information we have on aussie wildlife

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