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Propogating Moss

Updated: May 20, 2019

There are many benefits to using live moss in your invertebrate enclosures, such as: retaining moisture, providing an alternative hide for the clean up crew whilst also looking more aesthetically pleasing rather than using dead sphagnum moss.

The three main benefits, stated in the video below, are:

Convenience: you will always have moss on hand, ready to use at anytime

Quarantine: the chances of introducing pests is drastically lower

Success: the moss is already acclimated and ready to use in your projects

*Please note that this is an American tutorial, so using rainwater is the best for the success of your Australian moss propagation, look in the comments to see other peoples successful propagations*

This video was created by "SerpaDesign", subscribe to him for more tutorials relating to terrarium building.

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