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Jun 06, 2019
In Tarantulas
Nice little female I got from @Ethan Hugo using the buy and sell forum
P.hirstus content media
Jun 02, 2019
In Aussie Invertebrates
- Keep what you are talking about to the relevant forum category - Keep profanity low as this site is also viewed by younger audiences (temporary bans may occur) - No listing and advertising websites (Unless granted permission by the True Blue Wildlife Team. If you would like to have your website featured, contact us for more information by clicking the "Contact" button. If you would simply like to list an invert, head over to the buy and sell forum) - Treat each other with respect, there are no stupid questions! - We are also aware of disputes that have occurred between members in the Facebook groups, leave all of that at the door and start fresh, this is a new start for the community so we don't want to see any hate speech towards one another. (If you are found guilty of hate speech or other forms of bullying you will be reported to the admins for a review) *We do have chat moderators and Admins constantly scanning the forums for any breaches* *The rules and Guidelines apply for all forums* ~The True Blue Wildlife Team


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