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Selenotypus Sp.3 "Goddess"


This species is found in the "Mt Carbine" area, which is inland of Port Douglas QLD.


(We have also heard that there may be a second populous of this species that may be larger in size! There are rumors of a collector in the hobby who calls them 'Thumpers", if you have more information please let us know!)

Did you Know!


Female: Average leg span of

12 - 14cm

Male: Average leg span of 5 - 8cm


Like all Tarantulas, this species are insectivores and in the wild will feed on anything they are able to catch.

For captive Tarantulas, its best to offer food weekly, but don't be alarmed if they refuse food as they may be going into

pre-molt, or if female, possibly about to lay an eggsac 

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